5399 Mutamba Street,
Glen Norah B, Harare, Zimbabwe.

About Us

Zimbabwe Initiative for Good Governance and DemocracyTrust (ZIGGD Trust) is a nonpartisan and none violent Trust organisation which was established on 14 December 2015 to act as a watch dog to the government of Zimbabwe and other institutions on issues of democracy, good governance and human rights. Our approach is non violent, peaceful strategic engagement and litigation to press for our demands for a just society. Our main focus is on the following thematic areas, which we have understudied and got convinced that they are being abused and used to suppress people.

  • Electoral laws.
  • Human Rights.
  • Media
  • Leadership integrity, roles and accountability.
  • Judiciary.
  • Property rights and access to economic opportunities.
  • State Institutions.
  • Policy research, advocacy, litigation and public education.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Core Values

To be  a worldly renowned champion for human emancipation from oppressive , dictatorial, corrupt and unjust systems of governance and create  a  democratic egalitarian society with full free citizen participation in social, economic and political involvement regardless of colour, creed, race, religion or ethnicity; thereby maintaining peace and development in Zimbabwe.

Our mission is to institute, monitor, defend and educate society on democracy, good governance and social justice matters in Zimbabwe.

      • Transparency
      • Accountability
      • Hard work
      • Solidarity
      • Honesty
      • Compassionate
      • Dedication
      • Humility
      • Team work

We are a broad based grassroots oriented institution with a board of Trustees, and coordinators at national, provincial and district levels: and ward and village monitors who work with ordinary people for smooth and effective communication and establishment of our programs.